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Rupert Murdochs Empire

Author: Martyn Marrocco
ISBN: 9781907340178
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During any conflict truth is often the first casualty. It is very difficult to take sides as both could be quite appealing in this media-controlled world. That may well be the case with the recent biggest ever hacking scandal in the United Kingdom which has gripped and shaken the public. This scandal has not only engulfed reporters, it has brought elite Police officers and leading politicians under the lime light too. Those who are in charge of our everyday lives and whom we consider to be custodians are now under suspicion, fuelling doubt and disquietude as each day goes by. We are still far from finding the truth as it will take an Inquiry Board some considerable time to totally unearth the supposedly underhand activities of the ‘News Of The World’. In fact the whole truth may never be known as more and more important and influential people are brought into the firing line. This small and concise book will give you a good insight into ‘Rupert Murdoch's Empire’, something which, to date, spans some five decades. Many readers will be shocked by some of its content and all will learn something new about the Murdoch world. It is the most up-to-date and must-read book on the phone hacking scandal of 2011.

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