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Strand is a famous street in London. It starts at Trafalgar Square and runs east to join Fleet Street at Temple Bar, marking the boundary of the City of London at this point. Strand Publishing started life in this famous thoroughfare, right at the warm heart of London.



Non fiction

  • The Strand Book of.......Memorable Maxims
  • The Strand Book of....... Memorable Last Words                
  • The First Casualty: The American Invasion of Afghanistan                       John Adam & M A Akbar   
  • The Challenge of Reality                                                                       Sultan Bashir Mahmood
  • Tragedy Of Deception                                                                           Humayun Niaz
  • The Box                                                                                              Clive Parker-Sharp
  • Storm Over Kabul                                                                                Imran Hanif



  • The Path Of The Gods                                                                            Joseph Geraci
  • The Strand Book Of International Poets                                                   Edited by Imran Hanif & Jane Lee
  • Assassins Code 1                                                                                   Christopher Chance
  • Rhubarb And Aliens                                                                                Paul Hutchens
  • The Deceit Syndrome                                                                             Dr Paul Hobday
  • The Strand Book Of International Short Stories     (in this series we welcome submissions by new authors from around the world)

                                   Visit our Recent Publications page to find brief descriptions of all Strand books


Strand Publishing UK Ltd is now getting into its stride; our horizons are expansive and our ambitions are universal. We are dedicated to producing excellent books on diverse subjects. We are particularly interested in controversial topics. We are looking for books that have merit in the writing and have potential in the market place.



Authors and agents are invited to contact us. Our preferred initial contact is by e-mail. Ideas for books are required. Please follow our on-line submissions criteria when contacting us.


Check details and submission criteria for our forthcoming anthology



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